How does the Obsidian Anime Lab work? FAQ

How does the OAL work?

We run the polls where you can vote for the story and characters you want to see on screen. Then, we produce an official anime using a Japanese studio. Once finished, we air it live, here at the OAL exclusively for Co-Creators to enjoy. It is your show after all!

What can Co-Creators do? FAQ

What can Co-Creators do?

Only Co-Creators can help create the anime of their dreams, as polls are restricted to Co-Creators. When the anime is finished, only Co-Creaorts will have access to see it.

How to become a Co-Creator? FAQ

How  to become a Co-Creator?

To become a Co-Creator, click the 'Become a Co-Creator' button on the home page. Now its time to pick out your plan. The Co-Creator status is a  $2/month investment. The Executive Co-Creator status is $4/month. Your subscription allows us to run the Obsidian Anime Labe and funds the content you vote for.

How does the Obsidian Anime Lab work? FAQ

How do the polls work?

The first poll is currently open to all Co-Creators! Go ahead and vote. This first poll is the story poll and it will close one week after we reach our $2mill budget goal. After that comes the character polls. One character poll will be released daily. Then the event polls will follow. When all the polls have been complete, production will begin.

How does the Obsidian Anime Lab work? FAQ

Co-Creators vs Budget Goal?

It isn't cheap making an Anime (or running the only platform that allows the fans to help make it). In order to deliver on the OAL promise of making the best anime possible for the fans, by the fans, we require your ongoing support. Your monthly Co-Creatorship helps fund the content you want to see. To begin production we need a minimum budget of $2 million USD. When you become a Co-Creator, you help fund this goal!

How does the Obsidian Anime Lab work? FAQ

How do OAL points work?

Share the OAL with your friends, follow us on our socials and recruit Co-Creators to the cause. These are all ways you can earn OAL points. Just make sure to sign up for our program on the bottom left of you screen. Points can be used to buy OAL perks (you know, like having your OC in an anime or entries into the Grand Prize).

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