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Our mission statement

It's quite simple. The OAL was made for the fans. We take this very seriously.

How to reach out to us

A brief overview of the OAL

The OAL is a platform for anime fans to come together and vote for different aspects of the anime they are creating. From the anime plot, characters and events, Co-Creators get to choose it all. Co-Creators are our monthly subscribed members btw. They are also the only ones who get to participate in polls as well as watch the finished anime. Being an OAL Co-Creator also grants access to enter giveaways (like our Grand Prize trip to Japan and studio tour), read the OAL Blog and win prizes such as having your own Character in the anime! How crazy is that? The Polls open as soon as there are 1 million Co-Creators or we have reached the $2 million production budget. Purchasing perks from our shop helps raise the production budget so it shouldn't be long before the voting starts. Once the voting ends, production will begin.

Thanks for reading! You can reach out to us here with any further questions: MediaRelations@ObsidianAnimeLab.com.